Jonathan Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer of SEEIT

“SEEIT’s listing on the London Stock Exchange provides investors with a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the emerging energy efficiency asset class. Both private and public organisations are seeking to reduce their energy consumption footprint and improve security of energy supply, mindful of economic, social and environmental costs. Capitalising on this opportunity and through SDCL’s expertise and knowledge, SEEIT has already identified a high-quality operational seed portfolio, targeting a total return of 7-8 per cent. per annum, with a growing dividend yield.”

Investment Approach

SEEIT focuses on projects which provide the opportunity to deliver lower cost, cleaner and more reliable energy solutions to end users of energy, as opposed to projects that depend on subsidies, market incentives or energy markets for their returns.

We look to buy and hold Energy Efficiency Projects for the long-term, enhancing capital value (both through acquisitions and organic portfolio growth) of the portfolio and income derived from each individual project.Investments may take the form of single assets or portfolios of multiple assets. Our initial focus is on the UK, however, we anticipate that the Company will make investments in continental Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region.