Huntsman Energy Centre:          Three steam raising boilers and two steam compressors at Huntsman’s Wilton facilty
Santander UK Lighting:               LED lighting and other energy efficiency solutions across Santander’s UK estate
Moy Park Biomass:                      86 biomass boilers at several poultry farms operated by Moy Park in Lincolnshire, UK
Moy Park Lighting:                       LED lighting in Moy Park sites in East Anglia
Riverdale Data Centre:                CCHP plant scheme at one of Citi’s UK data centre
St Barts CHP:                                CCHP unit at St Bartholomew’s Hospital
Hollywell Solutions:                     Installation of lighting equipment, BSM controls and HVAC units at Kingspan’s site in Holywell, UK
ReEnergise:                                   A joint venture with a Spanish private equity fund into a platform to fund smaller energy efficiency projects
Northeastern US CHP:                Portfolio of eight operating CHP projects on the east coast of the USA
Supermarket Solar:                      Framework agreement with Tesco to provide rooftop solar across a section of the group’s estate
Spark US Energy Efficiency:       Portfolio of 264 energy efficiency loans located across 36 US states
Oliva Spanish Cogeneration:      Portfolio of 9 CHP, biomass and olive pomace processing plants in southern Spain
US Industrial Energy Efficiency: Portfolio of 3 recycled energy projects, 1 CHP project and 1 industrial process efficiency project


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Energy Efficiency and Lighting


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Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Technology


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